Endorsements for Dottie Webber and Elizabeth Akre, Brand Name Real Estate

Very professional. Great advocates throughout the entire process! I knew of Dottie and Elizabeth through my church and so when it was time to sell our home and look for a bigger home - we chose them because of that common connection. I was impressed by their very significant knowledge of the process, their constant communication with me - as soon as they knew something, I was made aware of it either by text, email or phone call. I always knew what to expect. I would recommend them to a friend. Their knowledge of the process, the area, and their positive relationships with other realtors in the area made the process happend smoothly!

- Catherine Buchanan

Elizabeth and Dottie were fabulous. They handled the big things, like actually getting the house, but also helped on a lot of small details, like inspections and showing the house to my wife more times that should be allowed. Seriously. The best.

- Robert Maldonado

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Dottie Webber and Elizabeth Akre
Dottie Webber and Elizabeth Akre

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